Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Backyard Birds

 The house we're renting backs up to a greenbelt so we've been having some fun with the birds. The previous tenants left a bird feeder so I bought some seed and a bracket to put it up with.  It's been fun. 

Except for this dill nugget. He's stealing the seed wholesale. I'm going to have to figure out some way to hang the feeder differently or come up with some other deterrent. Paintball Blowgun?

 There's also this guy. My extensive internet research of the last five minutes tells me this is probably a Steller's Jay. He's kind of a numb nut too. He likes to throw all the small seed on the ground while he digs through it to get the big seeds. Pretty to look at, though.

I'm pretty sure this one has a partner. It looks like they're building a nest in a tree in another part of the yard. I constantly see them carrying twigs and grass up to a spot in this tree covered with ivy. 

I'm really enjoying this house. I'm not on the hook for home maintenance, but it is up to me to keep the yard up. As a result, I'm trying to do some different things with gardening that I've always wanted to try but for whatever reason didn't do at the last house. I just bought a hyacinth last night. I'd also like to get a couple of hostas to plant in some pots that we have. Stay tuned.