Saturday, August 07, 2010

2 Years in Washington

This morning when I woke up I could hear that it was raining. We had the window open so I could also feel that cool air from northwestern summer rain. As I was lying there it occurred to me how similar it was to the first morning waking up in our new apartment in Washington. Almost two years ago to the day we were arriving in Washington for what we thought was going to be an extended stay. That first morning were also sleeping with the window open and it had been a cool rainy night. I remember it because when I woke up my throat was a little sore. I decided to go find some kind of medicine, but of course I didn't have any real idea of where to go. We had just pulled into Silverdale the afternoon before. I figured it out, and you'll be glad to know I pulled through the sore throat. I liked the cool rainy weather then and I still do.

That's about where the similarities between that day and today, though. I remember we were sleeping on our air mattress in our new apartment. Our living room furniture consisted of two camp chairs and a couple of cardboard boxes. The rest of our stuff was scheduled for delivery on Monday, so we had the weekend to wait. We didn't even have Jake yet. We solved that later that day by answering an ad in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for Beagle puppies.

Today we have a great house, great dog, and Chelsea and I are very happy. In the middle of August I'll finish my second year working for the Navy and I'm glad to report that's also going well. My job is interesting and I like the people I work with. This weekend is also the summer picnic for my office. I remember the weekend before I started they were having the party and those of us who were new hires were contacted and invited. We didn't go because we thought it would be too awkward. It probably would have been.