Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why I am Pro-America

Today I found this article written by a fellow in Europe who asserts his reasons for being anti-American. I must say that I agree with what he is saying.

However, I will not say that I am anit-American. In fact, the recent events of the world have tempered my patriotism in ways that I have never known before. The things that Ian Bell is saying in this article are embarassingly true. He wondered in the past what it would be like if the US was viewed as an enemy to freedom, and now he gets to see. Our government is in a relatively advanced stage of implosion evidenced by the assumption of powers by the executive branch. Our government is out of control and it is doing too many things that look just like facist governments. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck.... Mr. Bell has many great examples of why he is anti-American, and I want to use those same examples to say that I am anti-American Government. It is the government that is out of control, not the people. The fault of the people is in their apathy, from which I do not excuse myself. The constitution is there to govern the government, but it is being ignored.

We as Americans must wrest our government from the hands of the governors soon or pay the consequences. They are slandering our good names all over the world by pulling the titles of facist and enemy of freedom upon us. We cannot allow it.