Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Fun

It's been too long since that last post. Not to worry, though, I have some fun stuff you show you.

This Saturday we packed up the family and headed down to Sea Paradise. They had some awesome aquariums and some fun rides. I haven't ridden a roller coaster in years and today I had a chance to. Among other things.

First we checked out the aquariums. Jerry always loves watching fish.

After the aquariums we had to get our seat for the mammal show. This was a lot of fun. Dolphins, Beluga Whales, Seals, penguins, it was all fun.

The dolphins are particularly talented.

In the same tank as the mammal show, this guy was swimming around. He's a whale shark and he's not small. It was cool to see this big guy.

 After the mammal show it was time for food. They had Korean Barbeque. We've recently learned of the virtues of Korean Barbeque, so we decided this was the best choice. A mixture of sea food and meat. Very delicious.

This was one of the options we didn't choose.

After lunch, Jerry took pity on us and crashed in the stroller for about an hour. We took advantage of the time to hit the roller coaster.

They had a pretty cool roller coaster called Leviathan. There weren't any major drops or loops, but this one was FAST. Also, it's cool because it's built half over the water and half on land.

The other ride I did was Blue Fall, which is one of those tall towers that lets you experience free fall. That was something I've never experienced, and I hate to admit that I wasn't prepared for it. I survived, though.

We finished out the day with some of the tamer rides for Jerry. I'm a big fan of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Gotta love that Cartoon Network.

Red Baron, Powerpuff Style!

Peter Pan.

So you know those obnoxious parents at amusement parks? You know the ones. One of them is sitting by an empty stroller looking like they're enjoying the bench a little more than they should be enjoying an ordinary bench. The other is crammed into a ride that is clearly made for people smaller than them.

No? Yeah, I don't know what that's like either.

Finally, after the merry-go-round we'd had enough and headed out. Fun times.