Friday, October 24, 2008

Jake After a Bath

I really get a kick out of Jake when he comes out of the bath. I do my best to dry him off, but he's never satisfied. I had to record it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

So......What's New?

Lets start with work.....
After several weeks of various training classes, I've finally arrived at my "home code" (department) at work--for a while anyway. So, since August 18 I've had only 8 days that weren't some kind of orientation or training. The training is very valuable. The shipyard is bewildering for the average new guy like myself. It's tough to understand my place without any guidance, so I happily welcome it. As part of my new time in my home code, I have, along with my training coordinator, worked out everything that I need to learn before I can be really useful.

But, what is more interesting is what's going on in the rest of my life.
At the end of the paragraph the reader will be allowed to debate internally whether personal life is actually more interesting or not.

The Landcruiser had a record 2 dashlights on: check engine (CEL) and the brake light. The brake light was pretty easy, the pads were a little worn, reducing the fluid level in the reservoir. It was the same way my old pickup would tell me it needed new brake pads. Then I turned my attention to the CEL. I checked to codes and they said there was a problem with the post-cat Oxygen sensor and the throttle position sensor. The funny thing is that after I checked the codes they went away. Whatever. Light off.

About two weeks ago we took Jake to the vet and found out he was dealing with an ear infection. Ovbiously we have been treating it, but what we thought was an energetic puppy, now really became an energetic puppy. Prior to this a 15-30 minute walk would wear him out, but now it takes an equal amount of time running.

I've also been spending quite a bit of time learning how to fly RC planes and helicopters in my RC simulator. It's lots of fun. In only about 2 months of this I've crashed easily $50,000 worth of airplanes and helicopters. Since the simulator was only $100, it is a good investment. In a few months I would like to buy a heli. I think I would like to get the Eflite Blade 400 3D. Check it out.

Well, that's about all I've got going on for now. Also, my glasses are in the shop getting new lenses, and contacts suck at night, so I'm tired of squinting.