Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wasatch Crest Trail Ride

This has been a busy weekend. Chelsea and I went to Palisades Reservoir for the 24th of July weekend and had a great time with her family. Since everybody was taking pictures but us I can't really put anything about it up yet.

Just before we left on that trip, however, I went on the longest bike ride I've ever been on. I went with Jack, a friend from school. If you follow my blog, you would know that Jack and I were on a robotics team together this last year. Anyway, both Jack and I like to play outside so we decided to go hit this trail. The trail starts near Guardsman Pass, which links Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Park City side of the mountain, and it followed the ridge line over to a lake known as Desolation Lake then down through an area at the top of Mill Creek Canyon that is heavily populated with trails. The Dirt part of the trail ends at the top of this canyon and the ride is completed by allowing gravity to take you nearly 10 more miles to the bottom of the canyon. In all the dirt ride is about 12 miles and the canyon is about 10. It was tough. The hardest part (thankfully) is right at the beginning where you climb a very steep grade that has been nicknamed Puke Hill. Bear in mind that the hill was given this name by fit bikers. The bike computer said we did a total of about 3.5 hours of riding (not including breaks) and I felt like it. I hadn't had much to eat so when we finished I was really hungry.

Here are two pictures from the trip. Jack and I are in the first one and then there's me and my bike. The background is Big Cottonwood Canyon.