Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Job Well Done

Working on cars is so satisfying to me. I love that feeling of saving money and conquering problems.
The latest problem was that the passenger door on the Kia wouldn't open. Not at all. You couldn't unlock it or open from the inside or anything. It was stuck shut. Since I hadn't had any experience with that, I took it in to have it looked at. After the $100 diagnostic fee they told me the latch would have to be replaced, and they would be glad to do it for a further $250. I did a little checking and found that I could get the part from the dealer for only $68, so I told him I was going to take a crack at it. I could tell the service writer was a little disappointed, after all, he probably gets commission on his sales. I felt a little bad, but not $182 bad.

I'm glad I did it myself, though. This one was a cakewalk. Only took me 30 minutes - including the time to take these photos. I even had enough time to write this blog.

But now Jake is trying to tell me that writing on the computer and working in the garage are stupid compared to playing with him, so I'm going to take his advice.

Here are the pictures. In the last one is a broken spring that I think was the ultimate culprit. Which just goes to show, no matter how insignificant the part may seem, don't choose cheap materials. It's false economy.