Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Pics from Silverdale

When we moved from Utah to Washington we moved from one outdoor playground to another. Over the last few weeks we've done a little exploring and I have some pictures. These pictures are from right here in Silverdale. There are lots of trails throughout this area that are maintained in managed forests. They are are usually on private land which the owners have allowed to be designated for public use. These pictures are from the Clear Creek Trail. I included a map of the trail system. I'll put a number in parentheses after each picture that corresponds to the numbers on the trail map so you can get an idea where we were. By the way, our apartment is about where the "North" arrow is on the map.
Jake is always ready to go. All Star Lanes (10)

This is one of those managed forests I was talking about. This land borders a local hospital and the hospital owns the land. We've walked a large portion of the trail and I think this is our favorite. (11)

Through the trees you can see part of Silverdale. We live on a hill above and to the north of Silverdale, and this area of the trail is partly up on that hill. (11)


I love that I can park at the Chuck E Cheese and soon be in a forest. (10)

We love taking Jake on these trails. It's a great way to work out his beagle energy. This is another section of the Clear Creek Trail. It is farther south of the other section, and as you can see is down by the water at the northern tip of Dyes Inlet. This was taken at low tide. There is usually much less beach. (1)

This is an older picture of another section of the trail. We hiked here back in October. (14)


After we get home, Jake is usually ready to curl up on the blanket.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

"One of the most insidious aspects of government paternalism is that it deprives people of the will to be free. By Means of continued doses of government welfare, people are transformed from lovers of freedom, motivated by a spirit of independence, to seeker after security unsure of their ability to stand on their own feet with the help of God. They are willing to forget about freedom if the government will promise them security."

Jerome Horowitz
The Elders of Isreal and the Constitution