Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stop #3: Spokane, WA

Tonight we are staying in Spokane. It has been fun to spend some time seeing a little bit of this city. This was my first time here, but Chelsea said she might have been here years before as a kid. We gambled a little bit in that we didn't book anything and just hoped we would find a place. Well, we found a place. And since we get some travel per diem we also decided to stay at the Red Lion River Inn. They gave us a river view room (you can just see the river 200' away on the other side of the tennis court), which had just become available. Fortunately we decided to check in then get dinner; if we had decided to do it the other way around we may not have had a room here.

We set out on foot to find some food and to walk off that 8 hour drive we just finished. Spokane has a great park in downtown and we walked through it to get to dinner and to get back. Spokane River forks and forms a little island which, at the turn of the century, was a major industrial area. That little island is now called River Front Park. A space across from the river was formerly a rail depot and is now big civic centers, etc. Spokane has some great views. This picture is the Division Street Bridge just before sunset.

We also walked through a mall which was very vertical. It had a great entry way with these neat escalators.

Now we're back here in the room for the night. Hopefully we should be leaving for Silverdale pretty early tomorrow morning, then it will be back to life as usual. Well, as "usual" as it can be for big changes like this.


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