Thursday, June 05, 2008

Primed for the Move

It's down to only two months until we are heading to Washington for an extended stay. Chelsea can't wait to finish her job, and I'm excited to start my new one. I've just started all the paperwork that is necessary to get the logistics of the move organized, and according to my contact at the shipyard, everthing up there is moving along nicely.

The weather here in Salt Lake seems to be sympathetic to our move. The past month has been unusually wet--almost as if to prime us for our new climate. Chelsea and I like the wet weather, so instead of priming us, maybe it's taunting us. I don't know.

For some time now we've been planning a trip to Oregon with my family at the beginning of July. Chelsea and I decided to add a side trip to Washington onto that trip. Let's just say that when it's time to come home from Oregon we'll be taking a less direct route. We want to visit Silverdale and Bremerton since we'll already be so close. It will only add 184 miles to the trip if we go there on the way home. At first we considered going sometime during the week, but since we only have a limited number of days with our family there we decided we didn't want to lose one. It'll add a day or two, but that's just fine with us.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Miriam Higginson said...

good idea - I bet chelsea is itching to see it!


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