Thursday, May 15, 2008

RACE 1000: Intro to Competitive RC Racing

Last night was the first lecture in the RACE 1000 series. I say it this way because I got schooled. Bad. Don't worry, though, I had a great time doing it. My XXX-T was easily the grandpa of the track and the only one there that was still using a brushed motor and an AM radio system.

In an unfortunate display of bad luck I also had equipment failure during my first (and what would turn out to be my last) race of the night. It was the steering servo. Basically I couldn't point the truck in the direction I wanted it to go. I've never hit so many walls in my life. I had an extra at home. Lotta good it does me there.

the guys out at the track are nice, though. They were very helpful about telling me what to do to get ready to race. I also became aquainted with another guy that showed me some valuable things about how to set the truck up to improve the handling. Next time I race I think I'll be able to do much better.

Tooling around in the backyard with RC's is fun, but having a track and competing in races is so much better.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Chelsea said...

Such a typical boy! Boys and their toys! The toys just get bigger and more expensive huh?!


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