Monday, April 09, 2007

New Babies Galore!

Well, the last few weeks have seen two new babies in born our family. My brother's wife had a little girl two weeks ago, and my wife's sister had one towards the end of last week. It's fun to see new babies, but my wife gets a bigger kick out of it than I do. I like children, but when they just sleep, eat, and poop they aren't that interesting. When I have my own it will be different.

In the last few weeks I have discovered the best part about newborns (at least I think it the best part because it gets so much discussion) are the spitups and various other bodily expulsions. The detailed descriptions of the color, consistency, and frequency over the dinner table really lighten the mood and provide top notch entertainment. I don't think I would have enjoyed my blade roast at all if I hadn't heard about the spitup that bore a strong resemblance to thin oatmeal. Pass the potatoes.


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