Monday, February 12, 2007

Order of Dismissal With Prejudice

This week three really good days happened. Day 1, Tuesday, the 6th, I got my order of dismissal, Thursday was my birthday, and Saturday we went skiing at Beaver Mountain.

The ski trip was born of the fact that Ben and I have close birthdays and so do our wives, so its a birthday ski trip. Ben's wife, Holly, is credited with the original idea. We stayed at the cabin at Bear Lake and spent Saturday afternoon skiing. Beaver mountain is only a fraction of the size of the wasatch front resorts. They only have four lifts, but they are not very crowded. I really enjoyed the day.

The best part of my birthday on Thursday was the quality time I spent with my wife. I had to work so that I could have the weekend off, but it was more than a fair trade.

Lastly, my order of dismissal. For the last year I have been in the midst of a lawsuit. More than three years ago, me and another guy both tried to occupy the same region of space. Unfortunately, he thought that it was worth suing me. The accident was in the last half of January in 2004, and I heard nothing about it until almost exactly two years later when I was served with court papers. You could understand that I thought the matter was long forgotten, but that wasn't the case. For the last year this guy has been coming after me. At first I was confused as to why he would pursue me; all I have to my name is my busted old (yet beloved) truck, and my $15,000 student loan. As it turns out, my parents homeowners insurance at the time was liable. They hired a lawyer to "represent" me, and at this point I essentially became a spectator, with occasional participation. To make a long story short, the guy got $30,000. By the time he paid his insurance company and his lawyer, he had nothing to show for his three years of festering hate. Congratulations.

I won't name you, but my name is Tom Kruger, and if you ever see this, you will know who you are.


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