Friday, January 26, 2007

Week Three Update

First of all, a hearty pat on the back is in order for Comcast. Over the last week, my internet service has been performing better than it has since I've had it.

Moving on.

This week has been a little challenging as far as school work goes. This semester is going to prove a little less trivial than I had anticipated. Analytical Dynamics will take a substantial time commitment just for the homework, but fortunately, there is no project in that class. Hopefully I will be able to better understand the basics of 3-D motion so that the rest of the class will make more sense. All of the other classes would not be hard alone, or even all three of them. But the combination of the three core classes and the technical elective will prove to be challenging. Really, the major problem is that due dates are sprinkled throughout the week at just the right spacing that you never really feel like you are on top of it. Anyway, these rantings are not new. It is the way of engineering school since engineering school was concieved.

Maybe later on this week I will post a discussion of dynamics as well as a few of the subtleties of vector mechanics. Maybe that will help.


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