Monday, May 15, 2006

Constitution? What's that?

If you are the kind to keep up on my blog you would have read the last one about my frustration with school, and in particular, my frustration with being declined a scholarship for next year. This will be a short blog because I have little to say about this particular topic. I was going to put it in that last blog, but it felt out of place there.

I just wanted to say a little more about how this country is slipping into a totalitarian state. Our government is spying on us and it will not be long before first amendment rights are eroded and the government takes to punishing political prisoners in a very Orwellian fashion. The difference between the Nazis in the forties and now is that the technology does actually exist now to do everything that Orwell outlined. He was a forward thinker.

In my own petty way I'm frustrated with the situation. My frustration comes from the lack of money going to higher education. Well, actually, education in general. So much money is going to fund W's illegal war that none is left for the country. 15 to 20 years from now the US will lag behind in science and technology. If no money is spent on it, no advancements will be made, and well will slip behind.

I guess that's OK, dictators seem to prefer being able to oppress a non-proactive society. It's just one more step.


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