Thursday, February 16, 2006

Press V. Cheney: Relax!

This recent situation with Vice-President Cheney has all been a very unfortunate situation. Ever since the news came out, the press has been chewing up pieces of the Vice-President's staff and pointing fingers like so many third graders. They are using this as a launchpad for every imaginable theory and to poke holes in the reputability of the Republican party, proving that there are many other things that are being held from the public. While I don't doubt that there are things that the government keeps from the public, I don't think this is the sort of thing that we should be worrying about.

The incident in question has nothing to do with immorality or illegalities, unless you count the game license that Cheney apperantly wasn't carrying, and that doesn't worry me. The matter at hand is that of recreation, and the incident was clearly an accident. Unfortunate as they are, accidents that can't really be blamed on anyone happen. This qualifies. It's one of those wrong place, wrong moment scenarios.

The main reason this is getting so much attention is that there is nothing else really going on in the world. A correspondent with the Deseret Morning News pointed out that the Torino Olympics are strangely free of scandal and *gasp* seem to be moving along just fine. Of course there is the trouble about Katrina Aid and terrorist trials, etc., but nothing as juicy for the liberal media as denouncing the conservative administration.

It's to bad recess doesn't end for some of these press types.


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