Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pack Those Closets

A few weeks ago we decided that now was not the time to build or buy a new house. I couldn't stomach getting a brand new mortgage. The reality, though, remains that the house is pretty small so we have to address that and soon.

So what do you do? Declutter, reduce, organize. Develop a system, use the system.

Step one of that is to perform surgery on our master closet. I've thought for many years that I'd like to put an organizer into our master closet and we decided it could not wait any longer. Sketchup to the rescue.

Once I got it all squared away I decided on how to buy everything. Ended up using the Rubbermaid HomeFree closet system. Lowe's has some pretty good kits in stock, and they had the biggest kit on sale for a really good price. I bought three kits because I have this closet and one other to do. It worked out great.

We decided to paint the walls while we had the closet emptied out. That made the project a lot longer. I probably could have done it all in a day if it wasn't for two coats of paint.

I emptied the closet on Sunday night, Chelsea prepped the walls Monday morning and I painted the first coat Monday afternoon. Tuesday after mutual I ran up to Silverdale because that Lowe's had what I needed, then ran home and rolled on a second coat. Wednesday I started putting the organizer in and that took some time Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (tonight).

My garage is a mess.

I think it turned out pretty good. I left a perfect place to put the gun case which had been clumsy before and I set the height to fit a specific type of tote on the top shelf. It will work perfectly.

Before Painting
 After Painting

 Many shelves

 See, the gun case fits perfectly.

 There's the tote on the top shelf. I'll be buying a few more of those.

I'm glad to be done. Tomorrow it's off to find some bins and totes to complete the organization. This is going to be great.


We LOVE this closet now. It fits more than we thought it would and it has helped us organize our bedroom so well. The only thing we are left to wonder is why we waited so long.


At 6:02 PM, Blogger B. Kruger said...

Nice, you've inspired me to do something about our closet.


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