Saturday, April 16, 2016

Some Spring Camping

So this weekend we had planned on going on a scout outing. Fate, however, had other plans and the outing was rescheduled to a weekend I can't attend. Since the outing was to Tubal Cain Mine and the plane wreckage, I felt I needed a make-up tent night. (Don't have time for the hike.) Here's a confession, part of the reason I was so anxious for a night out is I just bought a new tent and was desperate to take it for a spin.

Since the outing was rescheduled, I was also able to attend a wedding reception I wanted to go to. So there you have it, cram in a night in a tent while also attending a reception.

Fortunately, I have both a willing co-conspirator and a very nearby campground, so we made it happen. The outing was pretty simple because we only had a little time, but it covered all the main bases. We had a fire, roasted some marshmallows, and then the kiddo decided to it was time to go to bed. All in about 35 minutes.

Of course, he was tired until we got into the tent, then he was too hyper to calm down. Lately I've been reading Roughing It at bed time, so that helped a little. It was also fun to text with mommy at bedtime, reading him the texts and texting what he told me to.

Of course, when you go camping, the only thing better than going to bed late is getting up early. Around 6:00 he decided it was time to get up. So we wrapped it up early. He finally got me up at about 7:15. We started the fire back up and had some muffins and juice boxes. After a few minutes he decided he was cold and started packing up.

The whole thing wrapped and we were home by 8:45. Camping with toddlers. Can you beat it?


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