Thursday, December 13, 2007

Controls Test

Well that controls final was a real kick in the shorts. The first problem featured a motor system with a load connected by a compliant shaft (that means it has a little springiness to it) and some damping. Its your standard torsional mass-spring-damper--or is it? Not quite, since the spring and the mass are connected in series instead of parallel it introduces an extra degree of freedom to the system. I could not solve it. After I finished the test I went to a study room and worked the problem over a couple of times. Each time I kept getting three equations with four unknowns. It was really frustrating because I felt like this type of problem is my forte.

The next problem was a root locus. These are not normally that difficult. Dr Minor, however managed to find one that was tricky enough to fool even the brainiacs in the class. (I know because I stayed after to talk about it with them.)

I guess I'll check my grades in a couple of weeks. I doesn't really matter, I know I passed all my classes, we'll just have to see how good I do. Now I have some time to rest my brain for a little while.


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