Friday, March 30, 2012

The (Long Overdue) Admiral Pete

Check this out.

This is the Admiral Pete. As I said, Pete was long overdue. Last year in late summer Pete was taken out of service to be lengthened and upgraded. The plan was that it would get 15 more feet, two new hot rod diesel engines, and be able to carry about 120 people, up from about 80. It was to be out of service for about two and a half months and we would have our shiny new ferry. Well, here we are, it's almost the end of March, and finally, Pete is back in service.

I have looked forward to this since the Pete went out of service. The problem is that the smaller ferries are much less convenient for taking bikes across.

The next picture is the Carlisle II. This is the main ferry for the Port Orchard route. It's a relic of the Mosquito Fleet*. The Carlisle II is really interesting. It's got displays inside that call it a floating museum. There are all kinds of maps and old newspaper articles inside. The boat has been upgraded from time to time, but, it's still an old boat, and sometimes it needs some rest.

I'm glad the Pete is back, but I'm a little disappointed that more thought wasn't put into carrying bikes.

*Back in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the easiest way around Puget Sound was by boat. There were hundreds of small vessels operated by several transportation companies. You could get a boat to anywhere you want on Puget Sound. If you would like more history, you should check out the Wikipedia page on Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet. The Carlisle II is mentioned in that article.


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